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Time for something different

Although I may decide a standard blog might be worth returning to, for now I’ve decided to move over to tumblr.


Check out Fur Real Men there.


The great outdoors

One of life’s great pleasures that I’ve been able to enjoy is being naked outdoors. There’s just nothing like the warmth of the sun on your bare skin, and the ability to enjoy the company of other nude men.

Clearly this guy is enjoying his time just fine. And he’s a man I have enjoyed looking at many, many times.  I think I need to jack off again right now!

Kiss me

I love sex.  I really do.  But one of the most exciting parts of sex to me is the kissing.  When it’s hot and passionate, there’s just nothing like it.

courtesy badbears.com

This photo captures that moment so well.  When you’re making out, and it gets so hot you just have to stick your hands down his pants?  HOT.

All day affair

Do you ever have one of those days at work where ALL you can think about is getting off?  Yesterday was like that for me – I was so stressed from work that my mind kept getting distracted.  I kept wishing I could run home, whip out my cock and go to town.

This photo is part of the inspiration for that.  I shouldn’t have looked at it before I went to work, as I couldn’t stop thinking about this guy.

Oh, the nasty things I imagined doing to this guy.  Granted I don’t really go for trimming the pubes that short, but I figure he’ll be punished appropriately.  By fucking my ass!

Solo shots are great, but sometimes I just want to see some action!

This pic is incredibly hot.  Tattooed furry guy with a nice beard getting sucked off by another furry guy.  I’m imagining that I’m about to kiss the top guy before I go down on that cock below.  Damn!

Hot ink

Another thing that really turns my crank is a nice tattoo.  I’ve got one, my partner has several.


This stud has some hot sleeve art that carries over to his back.  I want him to fuck me and fuck me hard!

Come join me

This guy has an adorable smile, and is clearly crawling into bed to join someone.  I wish I was that someone!

Not only is that face adorable, but this pic demonstrates one of my weakness – freckles on a man’s body, as you can see all over his shoulders.  I want to kiss those beautiful shoulders while my hands travel down that soft furry chest.  And that cock – so suckable!